About us

EXPERIENCE – Leadership and benchmark

At Yesyforma Europa, we are leaders in the suspended plaster ceiling sector.

We offer the best plaster solutions to distributors, specifiers, installers and individuals.

We began our work in 1995 and have become a leader in the sector, serving our customers via our network of distributors on a national and international level.

Our factory is located in the Ribera Baja del Ebro region, in Sástago, a natural enclave that provides the ideal conditions for our plaster to have an unsurpassed purity. The salt flats and quarries that are part of this environment are the natural source that gives us this high-quality mineral.

QUALITY – Purity and commitment

The quality of our products is our greatest commitment, and is what makes us stand out from our competitors.

The plaster used in our manufacturing processes has a 97% concentration of calcium sulphate, far exceeding the usual market levels of around 90%. We also add water from the Ebro river, which is regularly checked and analysed to detect the slightest alteration. Stable temperatures and mineralisation levels are key factors in our manufacturing process.

In terms of the quality policy, the following are our strengths:

  • Regularity in manufacturing processes
  • Research for innovation and the functional improvement of our products
  • Product development based on new technologies
  • Streamlining of production and business processes to make them more competitive
  • Portfolio of committed customers thanks to systematic control of market risk

We are therefore committed to complying with legal and regulatory requirements, in relation to our customers and European policies, as well as to continuously improving the efficiency of the Quality Management System, with the active participation of all company employees.

This quality policy is conveyed and understood by all employees via the established communication channels and is regularly reviewed to ensure compliance and continuous adaptation.

You can download the quality policy here.

INNOVATION – Sustainability and development

Our main mission and purpose is to fulfil the expectations of our customers through a flexible service and personalised attention, offering them a wide range of high-quality plaster products with innovative designs.

We continuously seek to provide our ceilings with added value, which is why we focus on improving the production process and investing in new technologies and innovation. The mission of our Technical Department is the constant development of new components and the improvement of all our products.

All of our manufacturing processes are designed to have the least possible impact on the environment. Our investment in R&D&I not only allows us to produce a wide range of quality plaster products, but also results in a more efficient and sustainable production capacity with minimal waste that is always biodegradable.

We are more than happy to help. Get in touch now!

EXPORTS – Expansion and success

On an international level, our aim is to continue entering new markets with our products, which provide reliability and guarantees.

We are committed to having a presence and leading the suspended ceiling sector on an international level. We therefore carry out commercial operations, we sell our products in foreign markets and have an extensive network of distributors abroad.

Our suspended ceilings have led the way in countries in Europe, the Middle East and the Caribbean region.


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